Investigator Verified Background Checks

At Juris Disputes & Investigations, we understand the need for accuracy, fairness, and privacy of every individual checked. That is why we integrate experienced investigators along with our AI technology to complete background checks with better accuracy and efficiency.

~24hr Turn Around~

As a technology driven agency, we bring our business clients The Right Facts regarding potential new hires or tenants and in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. We are always available to our clients for consults in order to assist with any questions.

What is a Background Check and why do I need it?

A background check is an accurate verification of an applicant's records. These reports can incorporate credit checks, driving records, criminal history, employment, military record, income verification, education verification, and other information that show an applicant's history.

~All Information is Encrypted~

Employers and landlords need this to make an informed decision on the applicants. Additionally, various industries require background checks, including healthcare, education, nonprofits, law enforcement, and financial services.

Benefits to Conducting a Background Check

Employers, landlords, and other organizations need to conduct background checks in order to eliminate potential revenue loss and deter various liabilities from adding on the wrong employee, tenant, or volunteer.

~FCRA Compliant~

The Association of Fraud Examiners estimate that resume frauds cost employers around $600 billion a year. As a way to promote a safer workplace, employers need to do make sure new hires do not have a criminal past where assaults, harassment, and other crimes will not be committed in their place of work. Additionally, the costs of dealing with such workplace conflict along with the liabilities associated would be financially costly, along with affecting company culture.

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